Required Reading

Divine Revelation

Divine Revelation
by Susan G. Shumsky
Price: $8.80

Shumsky has taught thousands of people to trust their instincts and hear the small voice within that embodies the wisdom they need to set a clear direction in life and make life's biggest decisions with confidence. This work presents her proven techniques for opening one's heart, mind and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact. Includes charts.

Embracing Our Selves

Embracing Our Selves: 
The Voice Dialogue Manual

by Hal Stone, Sidra Stone
Price: $11.16 Drawing on years of clinical experience, the authors take readers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. The "sub personalities" that live with the self are explained, allowing readers to pursue their individual destinies. Meet your Pusher, Critic, Pleaser, Protector/Controller, Vulnerable Child, and all the other members of you inner family.

Hands of Light

Hands of Light :
A Guide to Healing Through 
the Human Energy Field

by Barbara Ann Brennan
Price: $19.96

A former NASA scientist and atmospheric physicist provides the first in-depth study of the human energy field--known in lay terms as "aura." With many color illustrations and drawings, this volume presents techniques on the leading edge of new consciousness and new medicine.

Meeting the Shadow

Meeting the Shadow :
The Hidden Power of the 
Dark Side of Human Nature

by Connie Zweig & Jeremiah Abrams 
Price: $12.76

Some 80,000 readers have found this book invaluable for exploring the forbidden feelings and behaviors that arise in each of us and cause us to feel ashamed and unacceptable. It offers practical guidance and timeless wisdom about this disturbing and mysterious stranger, the shadow

I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better

I Don't Have to Make 
Everything All Better:

Six Practical Principles That Empower Others to Solve Their Own Problems While Enriching Your Relationships

by Joy Lundberg, Gary B. Lundberg, 
Joy Saunders Lundberg
Price: $10.36

In their weekly radio show and in their popular workshops, Gary and Joy Lundberg have already helped thousands of people and their families to communicate more effectively. Now, the Lundbergs
address an all too common dilemma that arises when others expect you to solve their problems for them, showing readers how they can shed the no-win role of "fixer" and empower people to solve their
own problems through validation--a simple yet profound communication tool that is essential to any healthy relationship. Refreshingly straightforward, this inspiring and entertaining work is poised to
become a classic guide for anyone who wishes to improve relationships with their partner, children, colleagues and friends.

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